Friday, 4 October 2013


In this modernized society corruption, threat, insecurity prevails everywhere. Be it in case of government offices, private sectors or small local shops and every damn where this illicit things exists everywhere.  And you will not be much surprised to know that this virus has even entered the net world too. Transfer of money,  Net banking, maintaining accounts, keeping an eye on and maintaining the records of the organization, employee’s performance appraisal, day to day office activities, connecting to the outside world through video conferencing, providing training to employees, i.e, e-learning, and etc.  are some of the vast services rendered by the computers. Therefore it is extremely necessary to protect the confidential files, which if leaked can create havoc.

There are many softwares that detect hacking.  Software such as net obfuscato can be used to protect the computers from being hacked. It is used in order to prevent tampering, spot reverse  engineering  or  perplex the one who will try read the source code. It creates source code that is difficult for human beings to intercept. It executes all known software protection techniques and obfuscation algorithms. It protects application from illegal code extraction and reverse engineering. This is a kind of software protection. It is essential or in fact mandatory to protect your computer or else it will be hacked and will be in the hands of unwanted people.
Hacking is very lethal. It can take place in numerous of ways. It can be hacked to extract some of your personal information or can be hacked by hackers who will illegally find out the passwords of your e-mail accounts, blogs or websites. Therefore, the use of firewall is a must. You can go for many internet securities available in IT stores such as Kaspersky Internet Security, Norton 360(2013), Avast Combo, McAfee All Access 2013, Bitdefender Total Security(2013), AVG Internet Security 2013, Avira internet security 2013. These securities prevent the virus and hackers from entering into your computer. They filter the data and obstruct the spam. These softwares  provide net protection. It  conceals your trade secrets, prevent modification and re-engineering.

Software protection & developers is a never ending topic among the developers. But developing a complete software solution is almost like dream because the rate at which the hackers are increasing, it is almost impossible to do so but hope has no end. If vulnerabilities are detected,  instant alerts allows the user to mend it first. So, if you are clever & careful enough  to use the right tools and right techniques you will get a good degree of protection for your applications. You only have to efficiently use the tools available to get the maximum degree of protection for your computer.
So, best of luck! Choose the right protection for your computer.

Thursday, 3 October 2013


Virus enters the computer when you are downloading some content or using the internet and you are not even aware of it. Sometimes when you are not at home someone may access your computer which may you do not want to. It has many a times with you. You have to protect your stuff from unwanted people. In such cases application protection software should be installed to protect application and data from the unknown users. They may install some application or malware you do not want to, or see your private stuff you do not want to share or change the settings of your computer. Well then, this software is solution to all these problems. 

Usage of this software assures continuous and unified data protection for the applications your organization counts on the most. This solution help in minimizing application outages and begin re-storing the lost data in few seconds, allowing the end user to proceed further without having to wait for a full recovery. 

Software innovations are bringing new characteristics and capabilities to end users, employees and to the nation. But utilizing this application provokes significant risk when applications are accessed by untrusted and unknown host on whom the business organization may not have control. It is said that the source code is being meddled with. Once a software is installed it takes some few minutes for a professional hacker to reverse engineer or tinker applications to get full access to source code. Even the companies having tight internet security fall into the trap. It may result in unlocking or modifying the application functionality or working to establish their own control over the records, accounts  and important confidential files of the company. It results in conducting fraud, stealing of source code and many more. If the hackers are successful in establishing their own control over the security system of the organization it may result in curtailing the brand equity by causing discomfort security incidents, affecting the financial stability of the organization. 

The application security now encircles most of the threats prevailing today. The software security challenges are expanding rapidly day by day and unique software protection solution has to be used to minimize the risk across diverse platforms such as mobile, desktops and servers. This kind of softwares are mainly used in mobiles. As mobiles now-a-days comes with operating system. It provides various features such as sending of mail, saving of word documents, surfing net etc. it is a kind of mini laptop that every person now a days can carry everywhere as it is portable. 

The  software is also another software that obstructs any unwanted host crawling into computer. Protection against decompilation is still a difficult task but using of right softwares may protect it to a larger extent.